this is a binaural mixed cd
please, listen to it with earphones
please, walk thru the city
please, don’t look at maps
please, enjoy the space
and have a good time 🙂

they are pretty much wanderings, these cadernos by tiago: through the cities in which each of them was recorded, certainly, but also through friendships and quotations; through separately recorded tracks put together in the editing softwares, as well as through the meanings and sonorities discovered as they cross with eachother.

i had the pleasures of traveling through caderno 12’s berlin and of glancing at some new york’s corner (or looking out from a train’s window somewhere between france and sweden). some of those paths, however – i look forward for them – are still going to be traced during the next weeks at ems, in stockholm. may tiago have a good work on the conclusion of this album! may all of us have a good listening!

francisco de oliveira, são paulo, 31/12/2011, 3:19am

released January 31, 2012

electric-guitar in caderno 12 by sérgio abdalla
all compositions by tiago de mello

mixed and mastered at Luc., EMS/stockholm and EMPAC/troy